Hamster 101: Winter White Dwarf Hamster Care

Having a pet is necessary for almost all family. Either it is a dog, a cat, or even a hamster, pets have become a member within one’s family.

winter white dwarh hamster care
Winter white dwarf hamster

If you decide to have a hamster, winter white dwarf hamster might be a good choice for you. People usually like hamsters because they are small compared to another pet. The size of a hamster varies from small to large. The cutest and the small one is winter white dwarf hamster.

We will give you several reasons why you should choose such a creature to become your pets and the best winter white hamster care guide.

Winter White Dwarf Hamster is a good pet?

winter white dwarf hamster lifespan
Wister white hamster

If you ever asked are winter white hamster a good pet, the answer is yes. Winter white dwarf hamster often called Russian hamster or Djungarian hamster. It is a good pet for both children and adults. It has its own unique qualities.

These tiny hamsters normally are a dark gray color. However, the fur can turn white to varying degrees in winter. Though Russian hamster is nocturnal, they may be active for short times during the day.

That is why Russian hamster will make a good pet for you. They have good nature and can be a challenge to handle.

Winter White Dwarf Hamster Food and Water

It is easy to get winter white dwarf hamster food. Pelleted food is enough for the hamster to get complete nutrition. The pelleted food is available on the pet store. However, you still need to make sure that the food is intended for hamsters instead of mice or rats.

Besides, you can feed your pet by giving them fresh foods including fruits, vegetable, and grain cereal. However, you have to check that the food you give them is hamster-safe. Do not forget to supply your hamsters with fresh clean water. You can check and change the water regularly.

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Winter White Dwarf Hamster Facts

It can change their fur

The first one of winter white hamster facts is they can change their fur during winter. It is for hiding them from their natural predator.

Winter white hamster is good pet for kids

The next fact is to answer the question “are winter white hamsters easy to tame?”. Winter whites are quite easy to tame compared to other Dwarf hamsters. Because they are easy to tame, they will make a good pet for kids. They are also very sociable to human.

It’s rare.

The last fact is that Russian hamsters or winter white hamster are hard to find. They are rarer compared to Campbell and Hybrid. Pet store tend to stock Campbell and Hybrid only since Winter Whites are hard to find.

If you want to seek purebred Winter Whites, try to look for an accredited breeder in your country.

Winter White Dwarf Hamster Housing

winter white dwarf hamster toys
Winter white dwarf hamster toys

It is quite easy to take care of Winter white hamster. All you need to do is to provide them with a large environment to live and play. Provide them with adequate food and clean fresh water, bedding, and toys.

Toys, especially hamster wheels are incredibly important for them. In the wild, this hamster has only around 12 months’ lifespan.

Winter White Dwarf Hamster Care

Winter white hamster lifespan

However, the winter white hamster lifespan can be prolonged to two years. The secret behind it is to give Winter Whites excellent care and nutrition along with proper nutrition diet and mental stimulation (toys). Some people claimed that their hamster can live up for 4 years.

Do keep in mind that if you have two or more hamsters, make sure you have more than one hamster wheels provided for them. It is to prevent them from territorial fighting. In addition, do not give your hamster a bath in water. It can lead them to stress.

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Winter white hamsters need dust baths?

Do winter white hamsters need dust baths? Yes, you can keep them clean and shiny by giving them a sand bath. They love it.

Winter White Dwarf Hamster Behavior

winter white hamster care
Winter White Dwarf Hamster Care

The fact that they are easy to tame makes them quite placid animals.

Do winter white hamsters like to be held? The answer is yes! When they are fully tame, they like to sit in a human hand and love to be stroked gently. Therefore, your kids surely will love them because they can be held easily.

As social animals, winter white dwarf hamster does their best to live with another same-sex hamster. It is such a pleasure to watch them having interactions with other hamsters. Winter white dwarf hamster can live together with Hybrids and Campbell’s dwarf hamster as long as they are introduced properly.

Maintaining a good relationship between hamsters is quite an easy thing to do. Just give them a large cage with plenty of room and enough toys and food bowls to prevent them from fighting for it. If those requirements are not met, they may fight over each other. It is not a good thing for them and for you as the owner.

Overall, winter white dwarf hamster is a cute tiny hamster which surely will make a good pet for you or your kids. Do not forget to keep taking care of them.

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