Hamsters vs Guinea Pigs, which is the best one to keep?

Hamsters vs guinea pigs, are they coming from the same species or are there some differences on them? There are some rodent animals that are very similar from one to another. Well, when those rodents look cute, you may simply call it hamsters.

Meanwhile, when they are quite big and living in the gutter, they are simply called as the rat. In fact, all of them are different and they are some points that become the basic differences of those animals. In this page, anyway, you will learn about the differences between guinea pigs and hamsters.

What are they?


Hamster vs guinea pigs

First of all, we will talk about hamsters. If you are learning about the classification of this animal, it is known that hamster is included in the family of Cricetidae with a subfamily of Cricetinae. The main characteristic is that the body is quite fat, although overall, it looks small enough.

Then, the ears are furry as well as they are standing up upright. Hamster’s feet are short with a tail that is short as well. Meanwhile, the fur is long and heavy. The species of hamsters have variants in term of the fur colors. Many of them are black, grey, brown, white, and even yellow.

In a species, it is possible to have two colors or more. Another color is placed on its belly; commonly it is darker like dark grey or black.

Hamsters are widely found in the area of middle Europe, Siberia, and Mongolia. Meanwhile, many of them also live naturally in the mainland of China and Korea. A little-bit-different species is seen in the Middle East area particularly in Syria and Pakistan.

Guinea Pigs

differences between guinea pigs and hamsters
Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs have a different family from Hamsters. It is included in the family of Caviidae with the subfamily of Caviinae. Compared to the hamster, its body tends to be smaller with a bulged forehead. Meanwhile, the ears are not standing up just like hamsters but directing to the front. For other characteristics, they are quite similar to hamsters.

For examples, guinea pigs are also in some colors including black, grey, and brown. Color variations and combinations in one species are common to see as well. However, the minor color spot is not specifically placed on the belly area like hamsters. It can be found anywhere. More importantly, although it is called as guinea pigs, its appearance is not like a pig at all.

Although in some languages, guinea pigs are also called as the Dutch mice, this animal is not from Holland at all. Originally, the animal comes from the area of Andes Mountain on Southern America. It can be easily adapted in other areas even if the temperature is different from its hometown. That’s why; guinea pigs are good also to keep as a pet just like the hamsters. Moreover, it has similar habits like hamsters including cutting off the foods and running on the wheel.

Hamster vs. Guinea Pig as a Pet

It is quite difficult to decide which one the better between them as a pet. Why? It is because both are very similar. Meanwhile, it surely depends on the owners what pet they want to choose. However, there are indeed some matters to consider if you are interested to take care of them. It is regarding whether your home has kids or not.

Guinea pigs or hamsters is better for kids?

So, which is better for kids, guinea pigs or hamsters? Hamsters are considered better pets for kids due to their body size that is smaller. Besides, its treatment tends to be easy. This animal cannot easily sick due to touches from the human. As you know, your kids may just love to touch and grab it more for its cuteness.

However, hamsters are also nocturnal animals. They may spend the days sleeping while being more active at night. This way, the time for your children to play with hamsters tends to be limited. So, each of them basically has its own pros and cons.

Can hamsters and guinea pigs get along?

Unfortunately, you cannot place both animals in one house. Why can’t hamsters and guinea pigs live together? It is due to their habits and characteristics that are completely different. Hamsters are basically predators that can eat meat aside from the seeds. Meanwhile, guinea pigs are the prey.

Their body sizes are also different in which guinea pigs are bigger than hamsters. Then, when hamsters are sleeping at day, guinea pigs are active and vice versa. There is basically no chance for them to get along with each other.

Costs and Conclusions

Do guinea pigs cost more than hamsters? The answer is yes. From their body only, it is known that the animal needs a bigger house than hamsters. Besides, you must also spend much time and money on the cleanliness and even foods.

Hamsters are cheaper and easier treatments. But, they have shorter life span than guinea pigs.

Sure, that doesn’t lessen the fact that guinea pigs are good animals to keep and take care of.

Choose what you love 🙂

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