4 Most Known Hamster Breeds – Which One is for You?

Hamsters are small and totally cute. Almost everyone would like to have this adorable pet. There are many species of hamster and each type has unique personalities and different requirements.

hamster breeds
Popular Hamster Breeds

First, you should find out what hamster breeds are commonly available in your area. Then, you can compare their personalities in order to narrow down your choices. When you have your decision, go to the breeder or a pet store to pick the one you dream of.

Here are the most popular hamster breeds and sizes to help you learn about them.

  1. Campbell’s Dwarf Hamsters

Campbell's dwarf hamster
Via : Animalcorner.co.uk

Firstly, Campbell’s dwarf hamster. Campbell’s Dwarf is another type of Russian dwarf hamsters. This species is the most generally kept since it comes in various colors as well as color combinations. The lifespan of this adorable hamsters is approximately 18 months to 24 months. When it grows into an adult, its length could be about 4 inches.

Pros and Cons of Keeping Campbell Hamsters

Keeping this charming and lively Campbell Hamsters looks irresistible. However, there are some challenges you should know especially about the health issue.

Cons :

  • The Campbell Hamsters are commonly prone to diabetes. So, you should control its sugar intake and give them lots of water.
  • The Campbell also tends to have eyes problem. From poor eyesight to develop cataracts.
  • This type is usually nippy probably because of its poor eyesight. It can be startled even just with a little noise.
  • The wire cage is not suitable because they can escape it effortlessly. If you want to keep it, use a plastic tub with good ventilation or a big glass tank.

Pros :

  • Campbell’s hamster breeds are very lively and entertaining to stare at.
  • These type of hamsters are most active at dusk and dawn, so you have more chances to watch over and interact.
  • The Campbell can live together with the same gender if you introduce them at a very early age.

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  1. Syrian Hamsters

Syrian hamster breeds
Via : Pets4homes.co.uk

The Syrian hamsters do not only have a series of beautiful colors coat, but they also have docile personalities. This is why these hamster breeds are the most popular among the pet owners. The Syrian has commonly two years of lifespan. It ranges from four to seven inches and an adult Syrian can be as big as your palm.

Pros and Cons You Need to Consider of Syrian Hamsters

Cons :

  • The Syrian hamsters are categorized as a nocturnal animal. It will be sleeping during the day and active in the night.
  • If you want to keep a Syrian Hamster, you shouldn’t ever house it with another hamster or they will be fighting to the death.

Pros :

  • If you compare this type with Dwarf, it has more relaxed personalities and easier to hold.
  • Which hamster is best for a child? The answer maybe Syrian hamster because it can be approached easier particularly if you handle it since it is very young.
  1. Winter White Dwarf Hamsters

Dwarf Hamster Breeds
Via : Dwarfhamsterguide.com

The winter white hamster breeds is also included in the Russian dwarf types. Physically, the winter white with non-white coat color is really similar to Campbell’s, so if you are not an expert, you probably couldn’t tell which one is the winter white. They naturally grow to three or four inches and live for nearly two years.

Pros and Cons of Winter White Dwarf Hamsters

As the name refers, this type of hamsters molts out into white snow during the winter. Some people decide to keep the winter white because they would like to see this phenomenon. But, check out more for the pros and cons.

Cons :

  • You should be ready with a high pitched scream sometimes because the winter white is known for their scream when it feels disturbed.
  • The standard cage you find at common pet supply maybe not suitable to house this type of hamster. The standard cage has bar spacing that is too wide for them.

Pros :

  • The winter white is preferably easy to tame with slow approaching. You have to handle them gently and give their favorite foods directly with your hand.
  • The hamsters are active at an early day and late day.
  • The color change of its fur is really interesting to watch. However, many don’t go through this change because they kept indoors.
  • Compare to the other dwarf species, the winter white is less nippy.
  1. Chinese Dwarf Hamsters

Chinese Dwarf Hamster Breeds
Via : Wideopenpets.com

Since the Chinese dwarf hamsters (also known as Chinese Hamster) grow small for about four inches long, it is sometimes called Chinese dwarf hamsters. They look nervous when you approach them at first. But, you can actually tame them down easily. The average lifespan of Chinese hamsters are about three years, but some can live longer if you care for them well.

Pros and Cons of Keeping Chinese Hamsters

Even though the Chinese dwarf hamster needs more care, it is fun to take care of them.

Cons :

  • It is suggested to keep them in a glass tank with lid because they are small enough to pass through the regular cage.
  • Some of them can be kept together but some others want to live alone. If you plan to keep some of them, you should give it a try first and see if they can get along or not. You have to take away the one who is being picked on immediately.
  • This type of hamsters is prone to diabetes, so you need to give them sugar-free foods and more water.

Pros :

  • What is the most friendly type of hamster? The answer is the Chinese hamsters. They can be tame effortlessly and most of them will not nip after you got them tame down.
  • Most of them will cling to your finger once you have established the bond.
  • They are very entertaining to lookout when they scurry around.

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