Hamster 101: Chinese Dwarf Hamster Care

Chinese dwarf hamster, or Chinese Hamster, is a hamster originated in the desert of northern China and Mongolia. They are easy to distinguish by having an abnormally long tail compared to other hamsters whose tail are stubby. Therefore, Chinese hamsters tend to resemble a mouse or a rat.

chinese dwarf hamster care
Chinese Dwarf Hamster Care

However, they still will make a good pet for you. If you consider having Chinese dwarf hamster or already have it, you have to learn how to take good care of them. It is quite easy to do Chinese dwarf hamster care, but you still need to proceed with caution on several things.

Chinese dwarf hamster lifespan

Average lifespan of Chinese dwarf hamster is 1 – 3 years, a little bit longer than the other dwarf hamster.

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A Happy Home – Chinese dwarf hamster cage

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that Chinese dwarf hamster is not guaranteed to get along although they can be kept in pairs.

The best shot you can give is by raising both hamsters in the same litter, or introducing them when they were young. If they are introduced as adults hamsters, they will likely to have a fight. The second thing is that you have to keep two hamsters of the same sex.

chinese dwarf hamster cage
Chinese dwarf hamster cage | Via : Karousell.com

Take care of having a male and female hamster in one cage

Having a male and female hamster in one cage seems a pretty good idea but they may breed out of control. A baby hamster may be cute indeed, but hamsters can breed quickly. You might find it difficult to provide enough housing, food, and care for dozens of hamsters.

Your Chinese dwarf hamster cage must be put out of direct sunlight and away from drafts. You do not want your hamsters to get too hot or too cold. The cage itself must be a minimum of 450 square inches. It is a perfect size for your hamsters to live.

Chinese dwarf hamster toys

In addition, you need to provide them with accessories and toys to make them happy. Hamsters need plenty of exercises to be happy, putting a hamster wheel or tunnels will do so. You can look for accessories and toys in pet stores or you just can make it on your own.

Do keep in mind that Chinese dwarf hamster is easy to get bored. It is best to rotate the toys each week so your hamsters will have different toys to play with.

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Feed Your Hamsters Well : Chinese dwarf hamster food

Chinese dwarf hamster food
Chinese dwarf hamster food | Via : Amazon.com

You should know the information on Chinese dwarf hamster food. You can feed your hamsters with a special hamster food mix. You can find it on your local pet stores or you can formulate it on your own. You should know that seeds and nuts are high in fat. Those foods will make your hamsters overweight, so you should limit them.


Do not forget to give your Chinese dwarf hamster supplements such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Spinach, lettuce, and carrots are fine for them.

A large chunk is better than several small ones. It is because your hamsters may bury them in the bedding. After finishing eating, remove any uneaten food. For the water, you can use an inverted water bottle with a drinking tube. Check and change the water regularly.

In addition, Chinese dwarf hamster’s teeth are just like any other rodents, they never stop growing. Therefore, you need to provide them with something to chew to keep their teeth growing out of control. You can use a pesticide and free-chemical stick to chew for them.

Care Your Hamster : Chinese dwarf hamster care

Since Chinese dwarf hamsters are nocturnal, they likely to be awake at night. The best time to play with them is after the sun sets.

Do Chinese dwarf hamster bite?

Yes, if you try to play with them in the daytime. Although they may awake for a short period in the day, try not to play with them during the day. They will likely to bite you.

Do Chinese dwarf hamster need baths?

Yes, but not in fresh water. Use a dust bath instead. It will keep their fur clean. However, you still need to change and clean the cage including the dust baths regularly. Once a week is recommended to do a deep cleaning for your hamster’s cage.

In cleaning the cage, do not forget to look for hidden food. Hamsters tend to save food for later.

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Take out from the cage

When you have built up your hamster trust in you, you can take it out from the cage each day. Such action is necessary to make them stay happy. Do not grab them because it will make them startled and hide from you.

Taking out the hamsters each day with supervision. Make sure there are no hazards in the area that will harm your hamsters.

Do regular check up

In addition, do regular checkup for Chinese dwarf hamster to make sure that they stay healthy and happy.

In short, having Chinese dwarf hamsters as pets is a good idea. Like any other pets, you have to take good care for them by providing them with a happy home, adequate food and water, and plenty of toys to play with.

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