How to Choose the Best Cage for Large Hamster

Do hamsters need a big cage? This question should be floating on your mind when you want to buy the right cage for your adorable furry pet. Especially when you want to get the best cage for large hamster, you should make sure that it has plenty space inside the cage, so it can run around and exercise.

best cage for large hamster
Large Hamster

Choosing the right cage for your hamster is one of the most important things to do since it affects your hamster’s health and its quality of life.

How Big of a Cage Do Hamsters Need?

For a large hamster type, you can aim for 17.5 inches height with 25 inches length and at least 18 inches width. However, a bigger hamster cage is always better since it will keep your hamster happy and active. When we talk about a hamster cage, a bigger one will always be better.

Particularly for a large hamster, you should realize that it needs adequate space for playing and running. This is why, you have to pay attention to the actual size of the floor area. Most hamster cages you could find on the market are too small for a large hamster.

Check out for the compartments, the tubes as well as the built-in wheels. The standard size won’t be compatible for a large hamster. You should make sure the bottom of the cage is deep enough to spread 4 cm of wood shavings layer on the whole area.

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What Cages Are Best for Hamsters?

Commonly, there are three types of cages that you can choose to be the house of your large hamster.

  1. Wire Cage

Cage for Large Hamster
Wire Hamster Cage

The first one is a wire cage with a plastic base which is the most familiar cage for a hamster since years ago. This type of cage is great to provide enough space to run, play and climb. Climbing is like their essential needs. Meanwhile, you can hang some toys and chews on its horizontal bars without difficulty.

This cage is known best for its good ventilation. Poor ventilation can build up ammonia and it is toxic to your hamster. Furthermore, it causes respiratory problems which you can determine from its activities. If your hamster is not eating and not playing as much also if it has physical signs of weakness, you should consider to clean the cage and remove the soiled bedding.

Although the wire cage offers many advantages, some hamsters become obsessive and like to chew the bars very much. Providing some kind of boredom busters and chew toys should relieve this habit. However, your hamster still chewing the wire bars, you may need to consider changing the cage with solid sides.

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  1. Plastic Molded Cage

Plastic Molded Cage for Large Hamster
Plastic Molded Cage for Large Hamster

Nowadays, you can find many kinds of the plastic molded cage in the market. The advantage of this kind of cage is that it gives full protection from another pet that you may have in your home. Most of the plastic molded cage features small wired gaps to make sure the air can enter your hamster’s house.

This type of cage is long lasting and allow you to clean easily. However, you still have to provide a climbing frame inside the cage, so your hamster still has the same entertainment they will have in a wire cage. However, it may not be suitable for keeping a large hamster, since it can easily get trapped in the tunnels.

On the other hand, a large hamster cage with tubes and multiple compartments will be challenging when it comes to cleaning. Always remember, the more multipart the cage you are going to buy, the more complicated it is for cleaning.

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  1. Aquarium / Glass Cage

Glass Cage for Large Hamster
Glass Cage for Large Hamster

The aquarium cage is usually made of Plexiglass or solid glass. This cage is really sturdy and you can easily see through it. In order to prevent your hamster from escaping, you should cover the aquarium with suitable size of mesh at the top area. This type of cage will be ideal for keeping Chinese hamster or Dwarf  hamster.

If you consider purchasing the aquarium cage, you should make sure the minimum size is 30 to 40 gallons. Just pay full attention to the floor space that it has to meet the required size or bigger. The disadvantages from aquarium cage are it has poor ventilation and heavy. Additionally, you should also buy extra items to complement it including ladders and tunnels.

Bedding Depth

No matter what style of cage you are choosing for your hamster, you should make that you can provide enough layers to form bedding depth. It is particularly important if you have a baby hamster because they can get hurt badly if they fall too far.

Besides allowing you to create some layers of nice bedding, a deep tray or base will decrease the amount of bedding that your hamster will kick out of the cage.

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