The Right, The Left, and Me

Being a Libertarian candidate for governor means that I reach out to a wide range of people from all political ideologies.   My campaign stops across the state of Florida range from tea parties to business organizations to gay pride events.
Libertarians believe that the highest duty of government is to defend the inalienable rights of the individual, as expressed in our founding documents.  One thing that I’ve found in my travels is that most people support the vast majority of the Libertarian platform.
But, there is always one or two sticking points with every group.  So, I wanted to address a couple of those minor disagreements that Libertarians generally have with the Left and the Right.
My position on marriage is that the government has no authority to outlaw any private agreement between consenting adults. Why would anyone have to be granted a license — which by definition is government permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal — in order to be married? The current government position is that all marriage is illegal, unless specifically permitted by government.
What gives government that authority?  Why should anyone have to ask government permission to love another?  As governor, I would work to eliminate marriage licensing laws, and leave those decisions in the realm of individuals and/or the churches.
There is absolutely no doubt that there are many people in need in our state and nation.  I strongly believe that we, as a society, have a duty to help them.  But, does government have the authority to force people to help others…under the threat of violence and imprisonment for failing to do so?
As we know, government entitlement programs are always astronomically inefficient, extremely costly to our economy, and rife with fraud and abuse.  Also, the nature of entitlement programs fosters dependency upon government, and provides no incentive for people to take personal responsibility to improve their own lives.  Private charities are generally much more efficient, promote independence, and have a much more positive outcome on the people they serve.
As governor, I would seek to reduce government entitlement programs, while simultaneously promoting and encouraging participation in private charitable organizations.
Though I am personally pro-life, I strongly believe that the government must weigh the rights of the two individuals involved. My position is that up until the point of viability outside the womb, it is the woman’s choice.  Beyond the point of viability, the government has a duty to protect the life of the child.
This is the current law of the land.  Rick Scott has no intention of changing it.  Neither does Charlie Crist.   If your position is that all abortion should be illegal, there is no candidate in this race that agrees with you.  So, perhaps you should consider some other issues when casting an informed vote.
There is little doubt that many multinational corporations are engaged in practices that are unethical, illegal, and harmful to the prosperity of all Americans.   On this, we agree.  Many on the left blame capitalism.  But, we do not currently have a capitalist system.  We have a crony corporatist system.
The solution is not more government regulation or intervention.  It is the exact opposite: free-market capitalism.  Currently, government protects, bails out, incentivizes, and rewards bad corporate behavior.  Government allows these global corporations to privatize their profits, while socializing their losses.
True free-market capitalism always ensures that bad business practices are punished, and good corporate stewardship is rewarded.  For example, what if the government had refused to bail out the banks on the backs of the American people?  The banks that engaged in mortgage-backed securities fraud would have been bankrupted because of their greed.  Many small, local banks would have filled the vacuum that they left behind.
The true solution is to revoke government’s authority to regulate, subsidize, bail out, and give preferential treatment to corporations.

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  1. Daniel Faubion says:

    Though I agree with it, the abortion paragraph here is a little “If you disagree and you’re still voting, you’re uninformed” to me at least. I’m really enjoying the updates. This was well done!

    Daniel (Hillsborough County)

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