IMPORTANT NOTICE: An Open Letter to the Florida Press Association and the Florida Society of News Editors

IMPORTANT NOTICE: An Open Letter to the Florida Press Association and the Florida Society of News Editors

RE: July 10th Gubernatorial Candidate Forum

Members of the Press,

Wyllie puts the Florida Press on Notice not to exclude him from the debates

Wyllie puts the Florida Press on Notice not to exclude him from the debates

As the only third-party candidate for Florida’s governor, I am extremely disappointed in your failure to include me in your upcoming gubernatorial candidate forum at the 2014 FPA/FSNE Convention. Your exclusion of a viable third-party candidate is unacceptable, and exposes an entrenched bias in the FPA/FSNE approach to political coverage.

You will likely respond by saying that you have created ‘criteria’ for inclusion in the forum, and you will then claim that I have failed to meet said criteria.

Please, allow me to preempt your likely rebuttal.

The criteria you have created make it absolutely impossible for any minor party candidate to participate, by its very definition. According to your stated rules, in order to be included, “a candidate must belong to a party that has at least 5% of the registered voters in Florida.”

The legal definition of a minor party in Florida is one that has less than 5% of the registered voters in the state. Therefore, your criteria guarantee that only Republican and Democrat candidates can participate.

Regardless of whether I have met your other, arbitrary criteria for polling and fund raising, the simple fact that I am not a Republican or Democrat would prohibit me from participating.

I have little doubt that this was entirely by design.

We will no longer allow you to stifle the voices of viable candidates, nor limit the informed choices of Florida voters.

Therefore, I refuse to accept your rules, and I present you with the following ultimatum. I will attend the FPA/FSNE Gubernatorial Forum on July 10th in Coral Gables. You may either allow me to participate in the forum, or you may have me arrested.

You have no third option…As you have denied the people of Florida a third option. Govern yourselves accordingly.


Adrian Wyllie
Libertarian for Florida Governor 2014

7 thoughts on “IMPORTANT NOTICE: An Open Letter to the Florida Press Association and the Florida Society of News Editors

  1. David Myatt says:

    Let this candidate be heard! It’s always better to hear all sides and it’s better for voters to be informed. This state and this country have been run by the same two choices for decades, and look where that has gotten us. It’s time for another option.

  2. Marshall Richards says:

    Go get em Adrian. Good luck.

  3. Laura M says:

    The Republicans and Liberals have run this country into the ground. We are no longer the country of standards by which other countries would aspire to. Let Adrian Wyllie be heard!

  4. Jim F says:

    I’d never vote for Rick Scott, can’t trust “The Charlie” any further than I could throw him out of office. Seems like Wyllie will hold people responsible for their actions. State employees at the top need to be thinned, but the worker bees need more boots in the trenches to get it done and to enforce ‘entitlement’ programs. There are too many third generation welfare recipients, and others getting away with bending the system.
    Willie, has my vote because the others do not.

  5. Tom A says:

    Rick Scott is nothing short of a mental midget. He is a neo-con for sale to the highest bidder.

  6. Barbara Nelen says:

    I just had the special treat of meeting Mr. Wyllie today at the Liberty Belles’ Meet and Greet in Deland, Fl.
    Impressive does not even begin to cover it! Wow. This is a man with a message. And with a heart, soul and mind.
    His messaging is clear and concise, and most refreshing, and not the typical political jargon. He truly cares about preserving our freedoms, improving our economy and working for the average person, not against them.
    I’m very disappointed in FOX 35 Orlando, who showed up at the event and could not be bothered to televise or internet post one second of what they taped. They have robbed Floridians of vital news and information and do a severe disservice to us all. The news used to be about what is happening. Now it is about what the station owners and producers want you to know.

  7. Alice Losasso says:

    I recently moved here from Rhode Island and was a member of the Rhode Island Ron Paul Meetup. What the media did to Adrian Willie sounds like a page out of the national media’s treatment of Congressman Ron Paul. The media is manipulating the voters to be sure they have only choices acceptable to the “powers that be”.

    I hope more people wake up to this and start thinking for themselves. There is no difference between main stream Republicans and Democrats. They are all controlled by the same people.

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