Adrian Wyllie, Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate, Will Get His Day in Court to Continue the Battle Against Real ID

Adrian Wyllie, Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate, Will Get His Day in Court to Continue the Battle Against Real ID

557216_4441017698402_674752413_n.jpgMay 9, 2014, Safety Harbor – In a nearly three year long battle against Real ID, Adrian Wyllie, Libertarian candidate for governor of Florida, has been arrested in Safety Harbor giving him legal standing to fight the constitutionality of the legislation in court.

Wyllie, began his battle in May of 2011 by publicly surrendering his driver’s license in protest of the Real ID Act of 2005 .  This federal legislation, implemented by the State of Florida by then Republican Governor Charlie Crist in 2008, made changes to the requirements of obtaining a driver’s license or identification card, including digital image captures of licensees, compliant with facial recognition via the FRnet. It requires certified documents to explain any name change- such as marriage or divorce- regardless of how long the person has been licensed. The fact that women are subject to far more difficult renewals than men and certain people are no longer subject to the birth certificate requirement is a violation of the 14th Amendment. The very fact the State is making you re-prove your identity without cause via these intrusive means is a violation of Florida’s Article 1 Section 23 as well as a violation of our 4th Amendment rights.

1383205_10152374241631383_1188313452_nMr. Wyllie’s battle began on the day he relinquished his license and informed several jurisdictions of law enforcement of his act of civil disobedience. He was finally cited for driving without a license in July of 2011 and was seen in court for the $116 traffic violation. At that time, the most senior judge on the 6th district, 3 prosecutors and a courtroom full of media were witness to Mr. Wyllie’s arguments of the unconstitutionality of the Real ID Act as well as Supreme Court precedent on citizens right to travel as well as surrendering a right for a privilege. In the end, Mr. Wyllie was unsuccessful in that small battle but has continued to maintain his civil disobedience to gain legal standing by way of jury.

As Martin Luther King once said “An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law.” Wyllie, in the tradition of Martin Luther King and other significant Americans who have fought for our civil liberties, was engaging in civil disobedience until the time he could fight the legislation in the proper venue.

Today, after 3 years of driving unlicensed throughout the state of Florida without incident, Adrian Wyllie has been arrested outside the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa. He was an invited guest to the 14th Anniversary Luncheon of the Intercultural Advocacy Institute, keynoted by State Senator Jack Latvala. This arrest will give Mr. Wyllie a chance to take his argument to a jury as he fights the criminal charges against him brought on by this unconstitutional law.

Note: “I have spoken to Adrian and he is happy to be given the chance to fight for all Floridians against this law and will continue to fight as governor of Florida.” ~ Danielle

For information, comments or interview requests please contact Danielle Alexandre (727) 424-9530

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21 thoughts on “Adrian Wyllie, Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate, Will Get His Day in Court to Continue the Battle Against Real ID

  1. Ron says:

    A politician who actually takes a stand for our rights and doesn’t just talk about it.

  2. Jack Gannon says:

    I AM PROUD… To be helping this ‘American patriot’ in his campaign for Governor of Florida!!!

  3. Lisa Kinney says:

    I always wondered who it was that made our DMV experience so much more difficult,although I thought, like others, that it was suppose to be a protection against illegal aliens getting ID; prove who you are. But since I already did why so much more info collection?

  4. Jeff Kleb says:

    I live in VA, but I really like the positions and the CONSISTENCY of Mr. Wyllie. I wish him the best of luck with his campaign!

  5. ruth a. hill says:

    I was born in Ca and lived there for 56 yrs. Married twice. My last marraige lasted 33 yrs. When my husband died in 2013, I moved to FL to be closer to my children. I was able to buy and register an automobile in FL. i still don’t have my FL license. Ridiculous rule. My Ca license is valid. I have never had a moving violation or been arrested. I am going to vote for you.

  6. Some things to consider…….

    Office of Peace = Peace Officers, ELECTED and public Servants who are oathkeepers who honor their Reputation 5Usc 20906-3331-3333 .

    If One knows your oath of office is true and authentic, One may take or Gods Constitutionals Law for granted . (taking the Law of another man or woman is a violation of the Law of Man. The Peace Officer is the only One who has the authority to violate The Law, but only when a man or woman has, of their own free will, violated the of the Law of Man. The Public stock and bonds, including unlawful taxes Funded Peace Officer is the only One who has the authority to violate The Breach of Peace and trespassed Law, but only when a man or woman has, of their own free will, violated the Peace or violated The Law.) Public Apologies should be honored you ask “WHY” In the Name Of Jesus…….Life is a true learning Experience AS for all.

    The unknown man who writes my words is presently denied the right to a peaceful existence. If I have to change the mind of man to keep the peace, then that is what I will do. There is exactly One Lawful Office and it is the Office of Peace. The men and woman who occupy that office are Peace Officers.
    There are four duties of the Peace Officer and they are: keep the Peace, uphold The Law, Assemble a Lawful Jury when necessary, and execute the decisions of the Lawful 12 lawful American Jury

    The Peace Officer is called that and the first duty is Peace because Peace exists within the Be’ing of Man. The Be’ing of Man is Our Source of Law No Victim No Crime.

    Gods Law is Free Will. Free Will is Federal list papers called Constitutional Law.
    The First Protector of The Law is Freely given Consent to enter into a contract or agreement, no matter how small, simple, or insignificant, is to make Law. For that Law to be True and Honorable means that each One involved is to Freely give their Consent Knowing the whole truth of the DEVILS’ contracts as I Call Them. .

    The First Alleged Violation of Your Elected and public Servants 5USc 2906-3331-3333 title 6-13-16-17- 18 241-242, [Read them yourself] is Theft of your lawful 1866 civil rights Constitutional Consent god given born rights for lawful Americans..

    Respect the Freewill of Man and Respect the Freewill of your fellow Man and Woman

    The First Violation of The Law is Theft of your Consent.

    Respect the Freewill of Man and Respect the Freewill of your fellow Man.

    Protect the Freewill of man and Protect the Freewill of your fellow Man.

    Respect the Rights of Man and Respect the Rights of your fellow Man.

    The Word of The Law is formed in the Mind of the Body and spoken to the Body of the Mind of another and recognized by The Law of another, is the Path to Peace.

    It is the action of the Body, directed by the process of the Mind, through the Freewill of Man that change can happen.

    Peace is applied to the Physical world.

    The Law is within your Be’ing and is your guidance to protect against violations of The Law.

    First to be protected is mankind, second is your fellow man, and last is yourself.

    One can claim Ones Rights to exist ( Gods Law)
    I cannot claim that I have Rights (only that they exist and are an inherent element of my Be’ingness)
    Man is a slave and only the Be’ing within can recognize the Rights of a Man or the Rights of Mankind.
    The Man himself only has duties to attend to, by the Free will of the Be’ing within.
    Claiming Rights of any kind for yourself is a dishonor too Jesus in that your personal belief and personal gain interests come firs.
    For your Rights to exist, they must first exist within the Be’ing of Mankind and within the Be’ing of your fellow Man.(inherent by GOD. They are, even if the existence is largely ignored or denied)

    Where I have a duty to speak and you have a Right to speak, however, you might not see it that way.

    I Freely choose to limit my actions to that which promotes the Peaceful existence of Mankind.

    Freedom of – is in your Be’ing

    Freedom to – is the duty required to satisfy The Will of your Be’ing

    Freedom from – is the protection from the will of all of Mankind.

    We, Man and Woman of Gods (Earth) with the Authority inherent within the Be’ing of Man to do also for all of Mankind to the end of existence, hereby Declare that We are Free in the following;

    Free to exist in The UNITED STATES constitutional laws of America, {Not the register corps 1871- 1933 Banking act why house resolution 192,) Lawful Americans Gods Given rights Peace in the Be’ing of Man in the World of man, in the Body of Man and in the Mind of Man. Its Called personal Constitutional reasonability
    Free to Live in Harmony with Our fellow Man in the USA, World of Man.
    Free to speak in the World of Man and in the Mind of Man.
    Free to Love without condition.
    Free to Travel anywhere at anytime.
    Freedom to possess (inhabit) Earth underneath.
    Freedom to request anything from anyone.
    Freedom to deny any request or unlawful contracts from anyone.
    Freedom to Peaceably assemble with interference
    Freedom of Expression
    Freedom of Religion
    Freedom of Thought
    Freedom of Belief
    Freedom of Association
    Freedom of Speech.

    Freedom from Want
    Freedom from Fear, of ELECTED AND PUBLIC Servant’s
    Freedom from Intimidation
    Freedom from Imposed Statutes and codes Governance
    Freedom from Physical Aggression
    Freedom from Slavery
    Freedom from Servitude
    Freedom from Persecution
    Freedom from Oppression
    Freedom from Coercion
    Freedom from Deception
    Freedom from Manipulation.
    Freedoms FROM unlawful Contracts AS I CALL them the DEVIL’s Contractors

    The Only legitimate and Lawful court is one that recognizes the Rights of Man and Protects the Rights of Man…. If a “court” does not or will not recognize the Rights of Man, then it cannot be Lawful, legitimate or authentic. Such a “court” is occupied by fraudulent actors and impostors aka CRIMINALS.

    Mankind will be Constitutional Lawful or Mankind by statues codes and administrations unconstitutional No Victim No Crime Unlawful rules and regulation will NOT exist.

    Blessed Be Be Loved Ones. Food for Thought and Seed for Change.

    CAFR Swindle – The Biggest Game In Town
    The CAFR Swindle – The Biggest Game In Town
    Taxes are no longer necessary. This video exposes a deliberate and massive
    Provided by

  7. charles maloney says:

    i feel you are a true patriot i would like to know how you feel about operation american spring 2014 and how you would resolve the situation. i understand billy ray riggs has some
    ideas. also how would you feel about banning toll roads and electronic camera citations.
    thanks charles

  8. Joel says:

    Adrian you are a champion! I am so happy to support your campaign and I can’t wait to cast my ballot for you… I know you are going to crush them in the upcoming debates and I tell everyone I run into and all social media contacts about you regularly. Thank you for being so principled and strong to fight.

  9. Elena says:

    You have my vote too…if only I can give it to you. I agree with all the previous posts, especially Ron’s. The truth is on your side. I only hope the jury also see’s it.

  10. Thank you Mr. Wyllie. I pray your campaign for governor of the great state of Florida proves to be completely successful. I believe most everyone knows that significant changes are needed to correct the out of control and over-reaching government we now are forced to live under. No other politician has the courage and intelligence to address the wrongful laws that other government representatives have erroneously passed.

    You have definitely motivated me and my wife to vote for you for the office of Governor of the State of Florida. The constant erosion of freedoms and liberties must stop now and you are just the person to achieve that goal. May God profusely bless you and your family and guide your campaign to victory. Travis and Luz Ogle

  11. Joe says:

    I am proud to see one of our elected officials standing up for our constitutional rights.
    In today’s world this is a rare thing to behold. Best of Luck with your court case.
    This will be a victory for all Americans.

  12. Paul Henry says:

    I salute Mr. Wyllie for his stand for liberty. REAL ID has been a costly and ineffective law for not only Florida, but the several other states that have implemented it. Last year people in Ohio complained loudly enough that the state withdrew from REAL ID after it had been enacted. It is never too late to fight for liberty. We have two other people running for governor- one (Crist) signed REAL ID into law, and the other (Scott) has done nothing to help citizens. He’s helped foreign tourists with licensing issues, and will likely soon sign a bill to help convicted felons.

    Adrian Wyllie is the only one who will help citizens on this and other problems caused by the government. To learn more about REAL ID, visit Floridians Against REAL ID,

  13. All slaves need an ID Chip so here is how they the elites keep track of their slave Birth Registry, marriage License, S S I number, Drivers License, all they need now is your D N A , put that into a bar code and that is your microchip, if you don’t comply it will be turned off and ??? punishment is next ? .
    Memorize the U S Constitution challenge yourself to find at least 5 conflicts that the amendment have .
    Remember that the U S Constitution is the Supreme Law Of The Land .
    Eleventh Amendment has two conflict in it with that you can beat/win any case in LAW AND EQUITY . Kill all home entertainment and memorise the U S Constitution not the amendment thats how the criminals in the black robe screw you , family , and country .
    To better understand the U S Constitution , Has anyone out there ever wonder why the schools don’t teach the U S Constitution ,

  14. Mike says:

    It’s good to see Mr. Wyllie take a stand and stick to it. We need more people like him. This is another unjust law that was deceptively slipped into a bill and imposed upon the residents of Florida. I can’t wait to vote for you for governor of Florida.
    God bless you

  15. Al G. says:

    I too salute Adrian Wyllie for the stance he is taking. He is an example of a person who not only talks about it but does something about it against the fascist regime.

  16. Doc says:

    Thank you for standing up to them on our behalf. You have my vote.

  17. John says:

    I don’t know. I completely understand Adrian’s stance. That being said, I feel this is the wrong hill to die on. It will only serve to marginalize libertarians when he was on the brink of entering a mainstream conversation. Focus on corruption, government bloat, corporate/ government collusion, more mainstream civil liberty issues, and sound economics. Does this hurt his chances of entering the gubernatorial debate?

  18. Dave says:

    This guy is crazy! And he has my support. Tell your friends! Let’s get this crazy bastard elected!

  19. john says:

    wait till they card you for beer or to cash a check or get car insurance
    so the car is registered and insured? just not in his name?
    want to start a hoot? have every one take their license plate off …EVERYONE.

  20. Within 24 hours of her Republican primary win Christine O’ Donnell has removed all relevant content from her website. A quick visit to the website (at the time this article was written) reveals only a link to donate to the campaign. No biography exists or a summary of O’ Donnell’s positions on the issues.

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